SCIENCETALENTS at Maersk Science Center in Denmark

Maersk Science Centre was established by the Danish Ministry of Education in 2009 to make extra curricula provisions for the talented pupils in science between 12 and 20 years within the education system in Denmark.

The raison d’etre of this political initiative is

  • To strengthen Denmark’s competitiveness in a globalized world by using our brightest heads
  • Provisions for the talents will inspire the others and thus: “A rising tide will lift all ships”
  • Every child has the right to be challenged according to his or her ability

The Science Center is run by the organisation ScienceTalents, whose main objectives are to

  • Inspire teachers
  • Organise teaching and camps for talents
  • Develop learning environments that cater for talents
  • Facilitate network for talents
  • Create dialoque and debate about provisions for science talents

ScienceTalents accomplishes these objectives by developing talent initiatives and activities for the mostly science interested talents, such as organising science camps, programmes for teachers who deal with the talents, visit to universities, science labs or high-tech companies, organizing conferences, a National Talent Day or other events on talents. ScienceTalents also seeks to give advice to the Ministry of Education and other political bodies on various issues concerning the talented youth and how to promote talent development.

Thus, young talents from all over the country come to the Maersk Science Centre to engage in science camps lasting 3-4 days (which are often part in 2-year long projects) and to meet likeminded people, who share the same interest entering a social community, in which they can bond and make network and even make new friends.

Obviously, many of the youngsters positively blossom here meeting and engaging with likeminded professionally and socially.

Presentation of ScienceTalents in English

by wildside